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The weather in the UK can be very unpredictable. This means that the use of drones is affected by adverse conditions. Therefore, we are felxible when working with our clients. We understand that some of our jobs will be booked at the last minute, however, we must have enough time to ensure we have carried out pre-flight checks. This will include making sure it is safe to fly and adhering to the rules and regulations for aerial filming set out by the CAA.


Copyright And Usage


Highscope Media retains the copyright of all the filming content, unless the client specifically agrees to a buyout of the footage. The client will get the full use of the material, however, they will not be able to sell the footage or allow third party companies to use it without the agreement of Highscope Media.


We reserve the right to use ANY of our footage for internal promotion, this may include using it on our show reels for PR purposes to promote Highscope Media. We also reserve the right to supply the footage to stock libraries at a later date.


If you have any questions or issues with any of the above then please email or speak to us in advance of the filming.


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