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Planning A Shoot

CAA Rules & Regulations


Highscope Media has full CAA and FAA permissions to fly Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). We are governed and regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority. It is essential that we adhere to the regulations set out by the CAA and FAA to ensure our personal and public liability insurance is valid.


  • We must have permission from the land owner to take off and land.

  • We cannot fly directly over people, roads or buildings that are not under the control of the pilot or the film crew. There must be a minimum of 50 meters distance from these objects.

  • Certain restrictions are in place in areas of Central London. Additional permission needs to be granted by the CAA before we can fly.

  • If we are flying near an airport or aerodrome then contact must be made with the Air Traffic Control to check that it is safe to fly.  


We may sometimes have to carry out pre-flight visits to the site, however, we usually only require a postcode and address where the filming will take place. We are then able to do the pre-flight survey online to see if there are any flight restrictions.


The Pilot has total control of the filming and they have the final say if the conditions are not deemed safe.


The UAV/Drone industry is growing fast in the UK, more and more suppliers are offering drone services. Anyone flying a drone commercially is required to have a CAA OA, if they do not hold these permissions then they are not insured and have no public liability insurance.


Please only select an accredited operator with CAA and FAA permissions for the safety of those being filmed and the protection of the UAV/ Drone industry.

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Planning A Shoot

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